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JavaScript Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

Angular 4 (latest version of Angular 2) – The Complete Guide ☞ http://learnstartup.net/go/H1jE_tD3l
Angular 2 and NodeJS – The Practical Guide to MEAN Stack 2.0 ☞ http://learnstartup.net/go/S1y1-FIGx
ES6 Javascript: The Complete Developer’s Guide ☞ http://learnstartup.net/go/BkGZcMlbe

The Complete Node.js Developer Course (2nd Edition)
☞ http://learnstartup.net/p/r1K7HXybe

Beginner API development in Node, Express, ES6, & MongoDB
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  1. 2:15:00 Functions
    2:31:45 Arrays
    2:39:49 Associative Array
    2:41:42 Looping Statements
    3:11:31 Objects (Object Literal)
    3:36:10 DOM (Document Object Model)
    4:09:44 JQuery

  2. using IE is just beyond being advanced

  3. this is probably the first and last time I'm gonna call someone SAVAGE …

  4. Great set, just wish that you used Visual Studio Code for editor so that we could see the objects, functions, variables more easily.

  5. what's the difference between ALERT and document.write

  6. Cannot create hello world HTML on windows 10

  7. file:///Users/macbookpro/Desktop/C9JS-Fundamentals/DOCTYPEE%20html.htm
    I'm programming in Mac, Idk which kind of programm do I have to use to do that. Could someone help?

  8. at 46:00 on the function name , do we really need to put the opening and closing pharenthesis?

  9. Any relation to Steve Martin? I keep expecting Bob to pick up a banjo and start playing.

  10. very usefull.Excellent Tutorial

  11. this guy's code is not working in my eclipse

  12. 90 minutes in and I'm already learning a lot??

  13. from 6:12:00 on the video is playing at like 3x speed, fyi

  14. yeah, i'm just gonna wait till tuesday to crack down to this when i get my supply of Adderall

  15. can you use codepen to write this code?If so what changes would you have to make.I notice alert(); doesnt work in codepen.

  16. That thing in the background which keeps on displaying funny light patterns is cool, but!! a bit distractive.
    Thank you for this tutorial anyway.

  17. any one using sublime instead of notepad?

  18. 2 minutes in the video I went to read the comments

  19. windows 7, internet explorer, bing.com and notepad to code. I get it.. you like it rough, don't you

  20. when was this video recoded actually ? why did he use Notepad for writing code!? It's not human way!

  21. Haha anyone who actually watched it for the entire 6 hours, 20 minutes??

  22. thank you sir
    Mr.bob tabor..

  23. lol he is using windows 7 for coding lol . Malwares and viruses haahaha. Ok now for introducing but use macos x or linux bsd

  24. please, where do i watch the html and css videos. Knowing those would make feel me more comfortable here. Thank you

  25. Will this work on visual studeo code on a mac, and my browser is chrome? I am having troubles, and it wont work right

  26. What kind of code editor do you use?

  27. Somewhere around 1:30:00 this definitely stopped being for beginners.

  28. welcome to 2017! xD
    i just started to watch this tutorial in order to learn about JavaScript and at 1:55:20 my Firefox (yes I deleted IE) shows me the first alert (second case) then I click ok and another alert pop up (third case)….
    is this happening because this video is from a few years ago and it is out of date? or am I doing something wrong? or is just Firefox that reads code differently from IE

  29. i am a 12 year old kid and i want to learn java script for making 3d game can you please create a video on how to mak 3d games with java script 🙂 :)::))

  30. "JavaScript Tutorial for Absolute Beginners" (realized it was 6 hours) RIPPED…

  31. Presses F12 on this page.

    62 errors

  32. I did the code right but when I writing the hello world..again it does not change for me what I'm I doing wrong and I check the codes carefully and did it exactly the same has your

  33. who's watching Wix ad and get annoyed in 2017? Anybody?

  34. did he just say "fucky stuff at 2:29:57" ?

  35. Bob Tabor, just letting you know that there is a speed problem around 6h11min, that goes for all Lecture 20. Thanks for your effort in teaching us JS. Great work.

  36. Where do i download Web developer 2010 express now?
    I cant find it

  37. didn't know a notepad can do that much lmao

  38. For those looking for a better alternative to Notepad or Notepad++, try out Sublime Text or Atom! Absolutely amazing IDEs, which recognise and support any front or back-end language, such as Java, PHP, XML, JavaScript, etc. You're welcomed!

  39. it would better how does it work web page then it will be completed

  40. Why is the time bar yellow?

  41. The for in loop in the array chapter isn't working for me.

    var flightDate = new Date("September 22, 2004");
    var myValues = ["Oceanic", 815, flightDate];

    for (i in myValues)
    document.write("<br />" + myValues[1]);

  42. Hi, I would like to ask why the first program, didn't work on the input element when it was inside a <form> element?

  43. Am I the only one who watched all 6 hours straight ?

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