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Javascript in 2015

Update: Future videos will be on a new channel Front End Center (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbxzdZTDn4YB4Z-ukch2ivw)

A brief tour of JSPM, SystemJS & ES6 features

Code is here https://github.com/geelen/loopgifs
Live version is here: http://geelen.github.io/loopgifs/

JSPM is here: http://jspm.io/

More information and some background is here: http://glenmaddern.com/articles/javascript-in-2015


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  1. Started a new channel for videos like this called Front End Center. First new video here:

  2. Just coming across this now and I love the workflow here! Thanks for the video.

  3. Do more videos. This one was very helpful.

  4. very good, any advise on how to separate the css into a file ? or using Sass perhaps?

  5. Pretty informative and well chosen topic, but why is the typing all sped up? Makes it harder to follow.

  6. Beautiful video, thank you very much

  7. Way too fast and hard to follow.

  8. Probably one of the best how to videos I've ever seen.

  9. Awesome vid. If you want to skip the setup and get started immediately with Angular2+JSPM+Traceur checkout my Angular2-ES6-Seed project. http://github.com/evanplaice/angular2-es6-seed.

  10. Appreciate the video. Very concise and to the point.

  11. You make it look so easy. How many takes did you use?

  12. Glen, will you be releasing more videos like this? I vote yes!

  13. Great video… Any interest in TypeScript instead of ES6/Traceur?

  14. Wow, it was great 🙂 Thanks man.

  15. Is that Trianglify in the intro slide 🙂 ?

  16. Phenomenal job! I'd really love to see more! 🙂

  17. Thanks for the introduction. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how to reorganize my current gulp build to take advantage of jspm / system js and still benefit from generating a single js bundle. It's quite a mind shift 😉

  18. Excellent screencast Glen. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Great video!  Though I found it necessary to also load by script tag, config.js just ahead of the script tag for Syste,import(), so that the transpiler could be found. This is doc'd here: https://github.com/jspm/jspm-cli/wiki/Getting-Started

  20. I really appreciated how I couldn't hear the clanking of your keyboard. Thank you.
    What were the tools you used for making this screencast (e.g., microphone, screen-capture software, etc.)?

  21. This was definetely one of the best JS videos I have ever seen. Fast, complete and to the point. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  22. Very very interesting. Thank you!

  23. Ok dude.  If you are going to make such an awesome video your are going to have to make more than just one.  

  24. Interesting. This is the first I've seen many of these features. Thanks for sharing this.

  25. `object-fit` is in the Safari that ships with Yosemite too

  26. When I got to the point of using traceur to compile ES6, I was getting the error "SyntaxError: Cannot use initialiser syntax in a strict mode enumeration." in Safari. Don't know how to fix it for real, so I removed all the "use strict" declarations in traceur.js and it got me past that point. Any ideas how to actually solve it?

  27. Great video, would love to see more.

  28. I loved your video, you should make one on how strategies to migrate from an existing ES5 codebase to ES6. Keep doing what you are doing!

  29. Great brief tutorial…definitely makes me want to learn more about ES6 and start evangelizing it more to my coworkers.

  30. Amazing demo, Glen! And great addition to my Must-Watch JavaScript collection: https://github.com/AllThingsSmitty/must-watch-javascript

  31. great overview of a very awesome (and modern) workflow. will definitely look into using this on my current project(s) 

  32. beside the actual content of the video, excelent btw, i really admire the tone of voice. it is so clear

  33. Last question. What if you don't want to serve the folder you're working in. What if you want to use jspm in the root of your project, where package.json is, but you want to serve a sub folder, f.e. one called "public"? Do you know of a way to do this with jspm? It seems to write config.js with the assumption that jspm and package.json exist in the to-be-served folder.

  34. How does your editor know when a dependency is missing in order to underline it in red?

  35. I saw you did "jspm install npm:jsonp" and then used the string `jsonp` when importing it. Does that work? I thought you had to use "npm:jsonp".

  36. Great workflow!! ( I'm jelous, LOL)
    Should make more vids 😀

  37. Great introduction to #jspm  and #es6 ! Well done, Glen.

  38. Great video, very informative. Will sure give jspm a try soon.

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