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The absolute basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

This screencast walks you through some of most important basic concepts of creating websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. While staying fast and on-topic.

If you’ve used any of these before this video is probably NOT for you. If you’re however completely new, or just curious about explanations, this video is indeed for you.

Please do let me know what you think, and ask if you have questions 🙂



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  1. Dude this video is so awesome and you concisely explained the material.
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Wow ! You are a very goo teacher. So clear and concrete. Thank you Christopher 🙂

  3. Best no-nonsense intro I've EVER seen! Thank you.

  4. —–Copy and paste the code into the url bar. Make sure it has "javascript:" at the beginning!!
    javascript:var d1 = new Date(); Hours = d1.getHours(); Minutes = d1.getMinutes(); if(Hours >= 13){ Hours -= 12; } if(Minutes <= 9){ alert("The time is " + Hours + ":0" + Minutes); } else{ alert("The time is " + Hours + ":" + Minutes); }

  5. Such an excellent video…precise and concise . I hope that you continue to make more tutorials 🙂 Thank You !!!

  6. which text editor are you using?? plz tell

  7. A very good teacher! Thanks for the lucid and clear explanation and sharing your knowledge. Been doing this for a long time but eye opening when one observes the clarity of basics. Hope you are affiliated with a teaching or mentoring profession

  8. Incredibly well made video, well explained, thank you

  9. nice tutorial very easy to understand awesome job, keep doing !!!

  10. love you sir, it really helped me a lot

  11. das ist kein Javascript. No Javascript.

  12. Gooooood job, really i love what you do.

  13. This is great, I have gotten past this point and figured most of this out by context clues but its wonderful to have such a quick recap of the super basics. Appreciate it!

  14. Very nice tutorial, thank you for sharing with us!:)

  15. Dear sir , from last 2 weeks I'm trying to make a HTML project which looks like same as url https://jeemain.nic.in/JeeMainApp/Root/LoginPage.aspx

    every time I get fail , please help me

  16. far better than my school teacher !

  17. Excellent. I will say that my basic understanding helped my appreciation. I sort of knew most of what you were talking about already, but that said, you really simplified the overarching frame work. Taught me to think about it from an entirely different angle; one that suits the way I process thoughts. Great work. I'm new to this but I'm finding it to be incredibly interesting.

  18. I'm only halfway through this tutorial and I had to just stop and complement you on your extremely clear explanation of this process. I've learned a bit of this through CodeAcademy, and while that got me going, you're explaining it way better conceptually. Bravo! Now back to watching it..

  19. no thanks you am now on my way

  20. I have learned quit a bit, it's better hear this from someone then to read it 👍

  21. what do i do, people already say what i want to say. Subscribed!!!

  22. Good video! I like how you explain stuff. Easy and smooth.

  23. hey…..what's the best software to create html,java script and css

  24. Great video. You explained everything really well, clearly and simply. Thanks!

  25. You are awesome! Thanks for the tutorial!

  26. Thanks ! good video easy to understand 🙂

  27. OMG. 24 minutes I learned more than Yesterday that I had studied during 3 hours following the book. Thank you so much! And sorry my bad English, I'm learning haha

  28. This is truly a great lecture. Thanks for giving the understanding in such a quick time . Thumbs up,,,

  29. I would have never got a better idea of these things in such a short time.
    Best use of my 25mins. Thankyou sir! 🙂

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